Attacks in Kabul

Since the start of 2015, the Afghan city of Kabul has seen an increase in terrorist attacks aimed at western targets. This sort of increase has become the norm in Afghanistan with the annual 'spring offensive', which historically has resulted in attacks throughout the country. This year has a slightly different angle, and as the media switch their focus to Syrian and Iraq based Islamic terrorism, it appears the Afghan based terrorists are bringing their fight to the capital city to maximise their exposure. 

Recent months have seen the following attacks against foreign targets:

17 May 2015 - British security contractor working for the EU police mission and two locals killed in a suicide bomb attack on a convoy near the airport

13 May 2015 – an attack on a guesthouse/ hotel in Kabul

26 February 2015 - a Turkish embassy vehicle was attacked by a suicide vehicle borne IED, killing 1 person

29 January 2015 - a gunman opened fire against American contractors at the airport complex, killing 3 people

25 January 2015 - a vehicle borne explosive device detonated near the north entrance to Kabul airport

12 January 2014 - a British Embassy vehicle was attacked by a small explosive device in eastern Kabul

5 January 2015 - a USAID vehicle was targeted by a small explosive device near the airport

11 December 2014 - a suicide bomber detonated during a stage performance at the French funded Istiqlal High School, killing a German national