Residential Security Teams Pre-Deployment Training

It's that time of year again when our holiday home Residential Security Teams deploy to cover the requirements of our clients worldwide, for the duration of the summer.

During the past two months, our personnel have been attending external training courses to improve their skill-sets and qualifications, as well as SRX conducting our own in-house training, which not only ensures our teams are highly trained, but allows our senior management to assess performance in a controlled environment. This type of internal training and realistic scenario based exercises are an essential tool in the process for selecting our new Team Leaders.

As well as the usual training objectives, covering things like defensive driving and anti-surveillance, the pre-deployment training course this year included a fantastic lesson on cyber crime and identity theft, which was delivered by a retired British Army specialist who spent his military career working in Computer Network Operations (CNO). These new skills will enable our teams to provide some up-to-date technical security consultancy to our clients or their families and businesses, whilst out on the ground, ensuring they don't become a victim of what is an increasing threat to high net worth individuals and companies. 

All our teams are selected based on their qualifications, skill-sets, experience and personality to ensure we get the right personnel working for each client. Once a team are integrated with a client, we like to minimise the disruption to this team/client relationship where possible, which means year after year many clients take exactly the same team away them. However, with the threat constantly changing, we have to ensure the team composition is correct every year, and indeed during the actual deployment. Not only do the clients vary geographically, but the composition can vary hugely - ranging from large families with young children or elderly adults to a single individual on a short business trip, so getting the right personnel with the right client is essential.