Threats and Risks

The terms 'threats' and 'risks' are often used synonymously within the context of security, and whilst they both certainly have an impact on security, their meaning is somewhat different. It is important for anyone involved in security, be it the person providing the security or the person needing the security, to understand the difference between threats and risks. Simply put, a threat is an outside factor, the presence of which is out of your control. A risk is what's left of that threat once you have put your security measures in place.  So there's very little you can do about the threat, but a great deal you can do about the risk - the threat cannot harm you if there is no risk! 


It is impossible to have no risk, but having good security will mitigate most of the threat, to leave you with a far smaller, and 'acceptable' risk. When you breakdown the SECURITY aspect of the above model, it can be divided into several impacting factors:


The three impacting factors above all have an influence on the ultimate SECURITY SOLUTIONS which SRX would recommend. These factors are generally client led and based on budget, the amount of acceptable change to your lifestyle and any aesthetic implications. SRX work closely with all our clients in order to balance the impacting factors against our THREAT ASSESSMENT in order to produce a set of SECURITY SOLUTIONS which leave the least possible level of ACCEPTABLE RISK.