Intruder Alarms

Much like car alarms, house alarms have become an inconvenience to our hectic lifestyles, with bell-boxes ringing out for an eternity without so much as a glance from passers-by or neighbours. Increasingly being ditched in favour of more 'modern' security capabilities such as CCTV and smart access control devices, it is commonly asked if alarms still an effective security tool?

Intruder alarms were slow to keep up with technological advances, being somewhat left behind in the ever changing 'smart' world we now live in. A typical house alarm system would consist of a sounder box, a mains/battery powered unit, keypad, PIR sensors and door contacts. Not much has changed since Augustus Russell Pope, an American inventor, first patented his electromagnetic alarm system in 1853!

With access to a wider range of technology now available to everyday home owners, such as CCTV, DNA water, Smoke Cloaks, the intruder alarm was becoming a low priority for home owners to protect their property. That is slowly changing, with the latest alarm systems offering a good deterrent to criminals and more confidence to users. Intruder alarms are making a comeback. 

As with any technological advancement, prices start high then reduce over time to a point where it becomes accessible to everyone. There are now a wide range of systems available to suit any budget and any requirement. A 'smart' alarm system allows you to control your alarm from your smartphone when away from your property - allowing you to set/unset, alter zones, silence a false alarm and view real time information. 

Our specialist alarm engineers have over 30 year experience in installation and maintenance of a range of intruder alarm systems: 

·      Commercial and residential solutions

·      Covert systems

·      Panic systems

·      Reverse panic alarms

·      IP and remote monitoring systems

·      Vandal resistant components

·      Integrated solutions for fire systems

·      GSM/SMS alert

·      Lone worker alarms

·      Anti-theft equipment and systems

·      Access control

·      Biometrics

·      Alarm monitoring

·      Remote access


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